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The Software Engineering Crash Course

A fast-paced course covering a range of topics required for building real websites and applications.

Anyone can build real websites and applications

Ever wonder "What next?" while learning to code? Theres a TON of free information out there. It's hard to know where to start. If you've learned a skill, it's hard to know how to apply it.

Don't just learn. Build.

Completely FREE

All of the software and tools used in this course are completely free or take advantage of some free tier. The course content will always be free.

Build and deploy a website

You'll have a real working website with a URL you can share.

Build first, read later

Technical explanations can be hard to internalize. Gain the experience of building something first to see how it works.

Don't write throwaway code

All courses and modules build real world projects. Use them to build out a portfolio. Extend them, repurpose them, make them yours.

The course I wish I had

Traditional curriculums are bloated

I had to get a degree in Software Engineering, have internships, and work full-time to learn what I know about software development. It took about three years before I understood web development. It took about three more before I could build my own complete projects.

Make your time count

Learn the most important concepts first. Fill in the gaps as you go. Working on real projects is the most valuable experience you can get.

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